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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Hunt for New Lakes (West of St Cloud)

As those who live in the area know, the city of St Cloud provides quite the border of where you can/have time to fish. Since I moved to the St Cloud area, I have lived on the east side of the city, so I have always fished lakes to the SE and North of town with the occasional trip to the Chain. Earlier this year, we bought a house in St Joseph. While the St Joseph/Avon area offer a ton of opportunities for fishing, most of these lakes are new to me and it represents a challenge I am very excited aboot: New Waters!

Anyways, I tried a few new lakes around Avon today with not the greatest result. First "lake" (it was really more of a pond) I tried I found 3-5" of ice with not another soul on it. Drilled out all the area I was comfortable walking on and didnt mark a single fish. Went to the next lake and started drilling. The ice on the second lake was the clearest black ice I have ever seen. There was around 8" out to the edge of the sheltered bay, then 4-6" after that. I started shallow, but didnt find anything until I got out deeper than 20 feet of water. At that point, there seemed to be fish in almost every hole i drilled, however none of them wanted to bite. Kept drilling around the basin area with the same results, but right around sunset, I had fish start showing up 4-10 feet off bottom. Was able to ice several mediocre crappies before I had to head home. 

I have 4 new lakes to try picked out for tomorrow, stay tuned...

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