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Friday, December 13, 2013

Re: The Hunt for New Lakes (West of St Cloud)

Hit 3 different lakes around the area today, with mixed results. First lake I found some decent bluegills in shallow (8-12 feet), but couldnt seem to find any crappies. Pulled the plug and headed to the second lake that had a very promising survey for crappies, but drilled all over and could only find a handful of 7-9" fish.

Headed to the third lake and found the motherload, unfortunately they were: a. a bit on the small side, b. not willing to bite until after 4 pm, c. suspended over 50+ feet of water. Didn't catch any big crappies today (none bigger than 10") but I did catch a lot and found a promising bluegill spot for future trips. All fish were caught on a RattlN Flyer Spoon in both Purple and Firetiger tipped with a white glow plastic. Lots of crappies in that 7-10" range that should make for good fishing in a few years, plus an amazing sunset that really makes you appreciate having an entire lake to yourself.

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