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Monday, April 7, 2014

Start 'em Young!

Headed up north for the weekend to do some more work on the cabin addition. The rest of the family couldnt make it up until Saturday afternoon so I had all morning on Saturday to fish. Adam met me on the lake in the morning and with the way the winter has been slowly progressing, we started deep. We soon found out that there were no fish of any size deeper than 13 FOW. So we gradually worked our way shallower until we found a pod of fish in 9-11 feet of water. After losing a couple jigs right away, Adam was checking the mouth of every fish he reeled up to see if it was the one that snapped his knot. I managed to set up on a hole that only produced green sunfish, but only 5 feet away Adam caught everything from crappies to northerns.

When my little nephews showed up, we soon realized it was getting a little late in the day (and we both had some serious wind/sunburn). Adam headed home and even though I had yet to eat that day and was dead tired, I got guilted into taking the little ones out fishing. With the wind blowing as hard as it was, and their miniscule attention spans, they managed to last around 20 minutes, but that was really all the spark they needed. The rest of the night all they talked aboot was the "big" fish they caught and how much they wanted to go fishing again on Sunday.

Sunday's weather was perfect, 50's and zero wind. While we were able to get a couple pieces of the addition done, the little ones were going stir crazy off the lake. So I took them back out on the ice for a quick fishing session. Their attention span was headed towards what it was the day before when I hooked into a decent sized bass and they were intrigued by a much larger fish than what they had been catching.

Lots of ice left, and a lot of vehicle traffic on the lakes in the area, wouldnt be surprised if we have fishable ice into May yet again.

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  1. I would probably faint if I ever pulled up a Northern or Bass.