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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hockey and Fishing

My little bro had an outstate hockey tourney this weekend and Britt and I decided to head out and watch him play a couple games, got some great photos of him playing. After watching them absolutely trounce Grand Forks early afternoon (with no help from the refs) we decided to head out to a local lake near the rink and fish for a while since they didnt play again until after dark. I am glad we headed out!

With no maps or info aboot the lake prior to setting foot on it, we decided to edge a group of guys who were out fishing. Started marking fish right away but most were smaller perch, with a few small gills mixed in. We drilled a little more and found some larger perch and crappies, but it seemed that all of our larger fish came from spots in this little area that had white ice from snow melt as opposed to the clear black ice that was almost all over the lake.

Britt had the hot hand on the perch today, almost everyone she caught would have made a nice fillet had we been keeping any fish. After getting whooped up on by her for the first hour we were out there, I finally was able to get her to tell me the color combo she was using. She had on a green/glow pink bug with a red plastic. When i tied that combo on, I was quickly able to catch up. I also had on a great fish right before we left that broke me off, several expletives were yelled when that line snapped. I guess next time I will remember to check my drag before I head out fishing...

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