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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Was up in the Crosby area to chase some grouse this weekend. Brittany was all excited cuz she had a new gun to shoot, but I was more excited to see how quickly the new pup figured out what was going on. I didnt have the chance to get her on live birds yet so this was gonna be a make or break weekend. We must have walked close to 15 miles on Saturday with only one flush, that we never had a shot at. The two dogs seemed to get birdy quite a bit but with the wind I think more birds were running away than wanting to get up. Coolest photo of the day was a dragonfly that decided he liked my hat and did not wanna leave.

Woke up on Sunday to a heavy drizzle that according to the rain wasnt going to end until late in the day. Hit a couple trails close to the cabin with nothing to show for it. So we decided to make a run up north to some other trails that Jesse from Oars N Mine had been talking about. First trail was a little short as we ran into a guy hunting on his own that we didnt want to interrupt so we turned around and started to head back. Within 50 yards we had a black squirrel run across the trail that the two dogs promptly treed. Brittany finally saw it in the tree tops and dropped it with a single shot. He is in great condition and in the freezer right now, waiting to go on the wall.

Drove a little further north to another trail (saw a woodcock sitting on the side of highway 6, first one I have seen in 2 years). Started walking the trail, and within 200 yards the little pup got excited and ran into the woods, I was excited thinking she smelled a bird, but she quickly came running back out with a fish jaw in her mouth!! Sure was an interesting find more than a 1/2 mile from the nearest water. took it away from her and we kept going up the trail. Another 2-300 yards up they both took off into the woods and flushed a bird (alright, she is getting it!) the bird flew 10 feet up into a pine and I showed Brittany where it was and she took it down!! Her first grouse! It was very cool seeing her get so excited aboot it. I went in with the dogs to retrieve it and see how the pup did, when two more birds got up, I started to swing my gun to get one of the birds in my sights and thud, barrel right into a tree. Oh well, we have one. Walked further up the trail and jumped another cover of 3 birds but never got a shot. But both dogs were very excited aboot the birds we found. I think we may have a good hunter on our hands, cant wait to get out again!

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